Exercise Your Way to a Better Day


We dedicate this blog for all you lazy ass people out there who take forever to get out of bed and take yet another lifetime to become fully awake.  
Yes, yes, we know that your bed has special powers. It makes you want to live under the covers forever, but we also know that, like any other normal human being, you need to get out of bed to face the realities of life. So we designed a wake up, fuel up morning routine for you to get through the first agonizing hour of being awake. 
It only takes 10 t0 15 minutes to make a positive difference in your day, and we’re letting you decide right now if you would rather hit that snooze button for an extra 10 minutes or use that 10 minutes to have an awesome day. 
As soon as you decide to be awesome, do the following in 1-3 circuits:
15 bodyweight squats
12 push-ups
12 reverse lunges
12 crunches or leg lifts
20 seconds runner’s lunge (on each side)
20 seconds toe-touch stretch (on each side)
Once you are properly awaken, you may now help yourself into a good healthy breakfast. Your mother was not lying when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it not only replenishes your body with a fresh supply of energy and hydration, it also plays an integral role in jumpstarting how your body will process food and burn fat for the rest of the day. 
Get your fluid and electrolyte fix with a glass full of water or fresh juice, or even low fat milk to awaken you sleeping metabolism. A fast protein-packed meal like scrambled eggs and vegetable, Greek yoghurt or your favorite protein smoothie will do the trick. 
With that you will be able to take on the day.