For great tips on plank pose performance in order to build core strength, we have the guidelines.

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My name is Jano Reid and as a fitness expert at Diesel Man, I can assure you that we put your muscle health as a priority. From building your core strength to maintaining bone density, we are there for you. Plank pose is one of our many exercises that help in building your core strength. 

Upper Body Stability

you enjoy better stability in your upper body 

Stronger Body

core strength improves the quality of life.

Overall Muscle Strength

you build muscle strength especially in the ...


better core strength

Exercise Your Way to a Better Day

We dedicate this blog for all you lazy ass people out there who take forever to get out of bed and take yet another lifetime to become fully awake...

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I usually workout five times a week in a gym near my house. But after my promotion, I was forced to limit my workouts to two a week. With Total Body Experience, I got to learn how to get a good sweat going by just using my body.

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