We are committed to see VirtaCoin go worldwide soon!!. Together we shall make it be.
  We are investigating issues in the backend. Your shares and hashrate are safe and we will fix things ASAP.

  • Findblocks disabled, new blocks will currently not show up in the frontend
  • Blockupdate disabled, blocks and transactions confirmations are delayed
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    posted 07/21/2016 20:40:38 by spencerdupre

    Website will soon be set for all to promote after we have fix all the bugs


    Nissan Nassin posted mining guid
    posted 07/06/2016 02:18:54 by spencerdupre

    Nissan Nassin posted mining guide into VirtaEarn.

    It is our chance and hope to make VirtaCoin Network strong.

    Please all VirtaCoiners start mining. People will start mining later, when VirtaCoin value rises.

    But VirtaCoin mining become harder day by day. Don't miss a train and start accumulate your VTA by computer power.


    Please post  who started mining.

    We need to see how many miners are necessary to keep our network fast and strong.